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Carpe Diem

Freedom Club International was formed in 1997 to assist others in the pursuit of financial freedom, personal improvement and in general the basic pursuit of happiness. To accomplish this we are constantly working to bring our club members the BEST home income opportunities enhanced with web enabled motivational and inspirational success strategies. This we hope could possibly change your present way of life.

Our basic philosophy is "By empowering others to acheive a more fuffilling future, we hope that they will in turn empower others to have a positive effect on the world around them."

This is accomplished through our Empowerment Referal Network™ which some say could revolutionize the way we look at ouselves and the way we look and deal with others. Only by working together to acheive our goals of tomorrow, will we ever succeed financially, emotionally and spritually.


  • We soon hope to be recognized nationally for our expertise in motivational WEBinars and success and information systems. We pride ourselves on the value and content that we will be providing through this web site.
  • Whatever level of success you have had in the past, be prepared it is about to be shaken! With the Success Coaches we are presently approaching we hope that we will inspire you and help restore that "Feel Good Inside" feeling that so few of us know is only brought on by helping others.

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